Wall Unit Models Compatible with Your Home


wall units, also known as television unit, are generally used to position the television. It is one of the living room furniture used in its name. In fact, it is often sold as a part of the living room set. In other words, it is possible to see a TV unit in every house! So how should such conspicuous units be chosen? It is quite easy for you to create a rough and incompatible image as well as making the decoration quite stylish! For this reason, when choosing a wall unit, you should choose models that are compatible with your home.

The ambiance, spirit and radiance of each house is different. There are many factors that affect this. Factors such as wall colors, the light used, the style of the furniture, the size and angle of the room, the position of the furniture affect the decoration immensely. If you want to create a perfect decoration, choose the furniture you buy within the framework of these criteria! Otherwise, even if you choose the perfect TV unit on your own, the result can be a huge disappointment when you place it in the living room!

We have compiled this article for you to find the most compatible wall unit model for your home. We are sure that you will make the right decision by following some tips! Let’s start by explaining these tips first…

How to Choose a Wall Unit Compatible with Your Home?

1-) Compatibility of the Wall Unit with the Area Dimensions: When we consider the living room as completely empty, the first thing you need to do is to know the area on which you will place the furniture. Which wall is the most suitable for you to place the wall unit? You will get the best result when you consider this plan together with the placement of furniture such as sofa set, coffee table. Then you have to calculate the approximate size of the wall you have chosen to accommodate the TV unit. What you need to pay attention to here is to catch an average size. An oversized unit will kill the stance of the model, allowing you to achieve a rough look. For this reason, even if the unit you choose fits, it is useful to keep its size compatible with the wall!

2-) Matching the Wall Unit with the Wall Colors: Now let’s come to the second tip that you should not pay attention to. Now you know which wall to use. So, have you thought about reviewing the wall color? The color of the wall must be in harmony with the wall unit. By harmonious we mean never the same color tone! You can also find a color that only suits the model. Even if you are using a small television stand , a wall design in the background By doing this, you can create a very decorative space. If you wish, it is possible to reveal the model of the wall unit by using a contrasting or darker color than the other walls! Here creativity is up to you!

Reminder! The color you will use in the background of the wall unit should not have the same color and tone as the furniture color. That way you could be very close to the model being extinguished or even ruining the decoration! Choose contrasting or contrasting colors as much as possible.

3-) Matching the Wall Unit with the Style of the Living Room: You have found the most compatible option with the space you have chosen. But when you place the wall unit in the living room, there may be something you don’t like! The reason for this will undoubtedly be not paying attention to the harmony of other furniture. Make sure to sofa set, carpets, curtains and even the accessories you use should be compatible with each other. meet on a common frequency. So they should all have the same furniture style as a set. In this way, when they come together, the aesthetic appearance will increase beyond your dreams!

4-) Wall Unit Compatibility with TV Size: Finally, we have a little tip! If you want to choose the wall unit that is most compatible with your home, you should also review your television shopping. Because the TV is usually taken before the unit! Although you think you have chosen the right dimensions, you may face a big problem when the TV does not fit in the unit!

Note! The ideal width of the wall unit should be 10cm wider than your TV.

Popular Wall Unit Models!

Although we aim for the most harmonious option, we think that you should not fall behind in terms of aesthetic appearance. Because it is your right to have the most stylish and eye-catching living room! For this, let’s talk about some popular wall units carefully prepared by Hazza Concept. Remember that you can have the model you want in different color options and different sizes! Wooden wall units to elegant TV stands, but also storage Many models are with you, from cabinet models that you can use as a space to bookcase designs!

Angel, Asya, Flora and Pyramid wall unit models made of wood; the Voreno and Marcello models with modern touches; Rio, Aden, London models that you can use in a multi-purpose way; Golden TV stand and more Hazza Concept with you!

We wish you pleasant shopping!