What should the dimensions of the dining room set be?


The place where valuable guests are hosted and long sincere conversations are always the dining rooms. For this reason, we can say that the expectation from a dining room is to be high quality, comfortable and at the same time stylish. As a matter of fact, the dining room decoration is one of the places that is very difficult! With the wrong dining room selection, you may be inadequate in front of your crowded guests or you may restrict your movement area with a dining table. At the same time, matters such as the choice of color and the arrangement of the furniture are among the most important details in the decoration of the dining room! Still, the most asked question about the dining room is “How many people should I buy a dining table for?” We can say it is.

Even minor mistakes, such as choosing the wrong size of the dining room set, will greatly affect your life! But don’t worry. In this article, we will talk about the ideal dining room set sizes for you. If you’re ready, let’s get started!

İki Kişilik Yemek Masası Ölçüsü Nedir?

Dining tables for two people are among the most preferred models in kitchens as well as in the dining room! Even on your balcony, the dining tables for two , which you can easily use, will help you complete your decoration! So what are the ideal dimensions of tables for two? The dining tables, which are generally preferred in the form of a square, can also be preferred as rectangular or round depending on demand. However, we must say that there are differences in size due to their shapes, even though they all pass as two persons! Before buying, you should definitely look at the table dimensions, taking into account your space. Here are the ideal sizes for you:

  • Square Dining Table Dimensions: Especially if you have a narrow kitchen and a small living room, square tables are for you! Because square tables will take up much less space than others. You can choose 80×80 dimensions for two people to sit comfortably!


  • Rectangular Table Dimensions: Rectangular dining tables are one of those tables that will save you space! If you have a thin, long area, it is useful to choose the rectangular shape! Moreover, it is possible to increase the capacity up to 3 to 4 people due to its shape! The ideal size of rectangular tables for two is 110cm long and 80cm wide.


  • Round Table Dimensions: Finally, let’s talk about round tables. Round tables, which look very elegant and stylish with their soft lines, are sure to suit any decoration! However, it should be said that round tables will take up more space. If you have a large dining room, you should definitely evaluate the round table models. 90cm diameter will be enough.


Note! The ideal height of dining tables is 70-75 cm. No matter how many people you prefer, you can consider this size!


What is the Size of the Four Person Dining Table?

Four-person tables are more useful than two-person tables and are among the most preferred models for nuclear families! If you want to buy one of these tables, you must first choose which shape you want to choose. Because tables for four people also have size differences according to their shapes! For example, while 100×100 cm dimensions are sufficient for square tables, you should use at least 100 cm diameter for round tables. You can use rectangular tables 150x80cm.

What is the Size of Six Person Dining Table?

Although you have a nuclear family, it is possible that you may experience difficulties at small-capacity tables during occasional visits to friends and invitations! For this reason, our recommendation is to choose a 6-person dining table! We can say that there are usually six-person tables in many dining room sets. It is even possible to increase this capacity up to 8 people from time to time! So what is the ideal size for six-person tables? Again, it is useful to talk about it in different ways.

  • For round tables, you can use 150 cm diameter.
  • For square tables, 130×130 cm will be sufficient.
  • Finally, the ideal size for the most preferred rectangular tables is 180×90 cm.

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We wish you pleasant shopping!